california pizza kitchen greek salad
$18.90 (10-inch), from California Pizza Kitchen
#01-42 Forum The Shopping Mall
order at

Absolutely refreshing. We loved the combination of olives, feta cheese, cucumber and avocado slices, and the lemon herb vinaigrette dressing. The crust was thin and crispy, and the taste wasn't overpowering.

Rating: 8.5

Extracted from: Simply Her magazine (Aug 2007)

sarpino's basiliko
$23.80 (12-inch, $12 for 2nd pizza), from all Sarpino's outlets

With an olive oil base, this is as healthy as a pizza can get. Another with generous toppings - eggplant, zucchini, sundried tomatoes, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, cilantro and basil. Slightly thicker crust than the others, but it was baked to a perfect golden brown. Not too cheesy either.

Rating: 7.5

Extracted from: Simply Her magazine (Aug 2007)

oishi! eggplant, tomato & shiitake
$22.90 (10-inch, 1-for-1 offer), from Oishi! pizza outlets

Strictly for tomato lovers. The strong tomato taste overpowered everything else, including the eggplant and bell peppers. The crust was rather thick and somewhat dry.

Rating: 6.5

Extracted from: Simply Her magazine (Aug 2007)

spizza claudia
$19 (12-inch), from all Spizza outlets

We liked the thin crust, even if that made it hard to pick up a slice what with all the toppings - tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, artichoke, mushrooms. Definitely tasty, and the artichoke was an unusual touch.

Rating: 7

Extracted from: Simply Her magazine (Aug 2007)

artzpizza ortolana
$25.50 (12-inch), from Artzpizza
920 East Coast Parkway

With its combination of eggplant, olives, zucchini, capsicum, tomato and mozzarella cheese, this one tasted as good as it looked. The crust was crispy and it had a zesty flavour. The generous toppings gave it a nice bite and made us forget it was a vegetarian pizza!

Rating: 8

Extracted from: Simply Her magazine (Aug 2007)

Tired of pepperoni, seafood or beef in your pizza? We tried six vegetarian ones, and didn't feel at all deprived.

da paolo mascarpone cheese and mushroom
$24 (9-inch), from Da Paolo Pizza Bar
44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-46 Chip Bee Gardens

A simple pizza that's big on taste, we just couldn't get enough of it. From the thin fluffy crust to the yummy cheese and juicy mushrooms, everything was as they should be. There were even generous portions of black truffles. It's a pity they don't deliver.

Rating: 9

Extracted from: Simply Her magazine (Aug 2007)

Little Part 1 Cafe
15 Jasmine Road, Singapore 576584
Tel: 6451 7553

Nestled within the private housing estate right next to Thomson Plaza, Little Part 1 Cafe is a cosy eatery serving salads and comfort food like shepherd's pie.

Extracted from: Simply Her magazine (Apr 2008)

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